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Astheya English - Day 3,

Astheya English - Day 3,
Today Discipline is "ASTHEYE" Means Non Stealing:
Do not think this is not a big subject. This subject only the basic of all wrong directions. Non stealing is just grab or pluck an article, when the owner is not there or put into your pocket without the owners knowledge is not only stealing. Why a person commit stealing. As Buddha said desire is the base for all crimes. Just because of a person on breach of his merit, means he can work hard to earn it rather he tries to take with a alternative way and attain is called stealing. There the breach of Truth, The person Who lost will worry about it so breach of Ahimsa, Now committed Astheya.
A person need not steal a article or an object. example there is a expensive article kept on a table, you see that and your mind says that if i own that how joyous really. example you see a latest model expensive car on the road. you are see again and again see the car and think that if i own a car how joyous that moment will. that thought itself stealing was committed. If you saw a million Rupees notes were kept upon a table and you are passing through that, if you think that own a single Rupee bill, stealing committed. If your mind doesn't make any difference on that notes, no change in surface of your mind, still it is like a clean slate then you are righteous. 
As per THRI KARANA All the three thought, speech and action must be in one single line there must not any deviation. Do not justify yourself that i was not steal physically anything. Suppose you are going to attend a party, there plenty of food arranged with excessive decoration with aroma lingering and mouth-watering. But you cannot eat because your already a sugar patient. Now if your mind swallows 4 pieces of food not in physical, There will be only the dregs and scraps only, Because main content your mind swallowed. 
Apart from Regular Physical Stealing and mental stealing there are more stealing are there to contemplate. 
Stealing of others time or effort.
over consumption of anything, not to leave for others.
even from office small ball pin stealing.

This is because of two sides of the stealing cause.
1) Breach the merit limit, leads to craving results stealing.
2) Habitual practice from the childhood. (they think that that is harmless)

There is a only way to get hell out from this Stealing is Contentment. the Only medicine for this is "ENOUGH". I need what i required, i acquire even i dont need it but i will acquire. just because of Being showy. This is because of the mind and slavery to the all the sense pleasure, people stealing. This situation welcomes sorrow, unhappiness and endless misery to them. they all loose their peace of mind. Also they all fail in prior disciplines Satyam and Ahimsa. 

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