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Niyama - Eashwar Pranithan (Surrender)

Class no: 10
Niyama - Eashwar Pranithan (Surrender)
This is the most important Niyama. We already had a little analyse of Eashwar. For that you have to surrender. Again what is surrender and how it will happen.
What is, and is how i can follow this Discipline. It has two sensitive limbs, those were,
Detachment is Easwara Pranithan.
Accepting the will of Nature (Eashwara)

This is really very high portion of Practice. If you practice rest of all 9 disciplines strong and continuously means you can realize these limbs. How do we know the Will of Nature, Will it be audible, visible to our eyes. how can listen the Will or order of the nature. It requires High level Perception is required to understand the notes and messages of the nature (Eashwar). I am not telling about ESP (Extra Sensory Perception).
Detachment From the World, Life, Everything is the goal, But now we can start with especially which are the objects or pleasure giving mediums, for that guru instruct us to stay away or consume very minimum and Detach to the Effect. There is a cause there must be an effect. Say you have 5 Masala Dosa s were there in table, take one or two. You need 5 dresses for your birthday, take two. Likewise, consume minimum. If you do a duty do not expect the result. If the job was did well forget about it. Let the results come. wait for the results come. Do not expect. So surrender your duty to Nature (Eashwar) and according to your Cause the effect (Result) will come. so detach from the Pleasure, Results, Expectation.
Here as per Patanjali Mahraj says in his sutras that Eashwar is the Entity to guide and act as catalyst on yogic transformation. The path of yoga is full of Practices, go on practices, without any break for a long time, to at least a seeker see some difference of realizations. "Dheerga kaala Nairanthariya Sarkala Sevitho Dhruda Bhoomi" Uninterrupted and Continues practice, with Strong and unshakable confidence only break through will happen. So there slowly raise the Eashwara Pranithan in all your Day to day duties to Well mix with your life completely. Now you are in many States like, your body, mind, intellect, Finally the Subtle System, Only after severe practice everything will merged and there happens Transmigration. There you can realize the Eashwara "Pranithanam Dhwa". 
I ness falls and Am ness.
Gautama Buddha Used to say this word. A person asks him about i want the liberation from the sufferings in my life. Then he replied that I is your sufferings, So renounce I, Along with the I every miseries will go away. How to renounce I is only way to surrender your I (Ego, Ahankaar) to Eashwar and All our sufferings and Miseries go away. I owned this Car, I owned this house, and He is my son. All the I OWN is the problem, Frankly Speaking you cannot own nothing. May be you are having those object or relationship for a while. That too will pass away. Again back to the same of Rim of Wheel.
Bhagavat Purana Says, 9 Stages of Yoga. The final step is the Same, "AATHMANIVEDHANAM" Sacred Offering yourself to Eashwara. Rest of eight steps were all only ways to climb like steps of ladder. If you are prepare and ready by the mind, body, soul and intellect to Eashwara Leads and make you a Yogi, Give up I ness, Am ness will raise and shine like a Sun. Everything is in short or for a while only. May be very small changes. But No one own nothing permanently. Everything comes back to its own position at last, Again the wheel start spin.
Here this Unconditional Surrender to the Cosmic Eashwar Lead us us in a right path and through surrender we can gain Strength on practice attain the Levels of Yoga.
This is the right time to see the CAUSE AND EFFECT theory, Substitute Eashwar. 

There is no effect without a Cause.
Cause manifest in various forms as effect (in Effects)
If you remove the cause nothing left. (everything dissolves)

Here Your Own Eashwar is Cause of all things, He manifest in all the required forms, If you remove the Eashwara everything dissolves and nothing left. Cause if Clay, You can make anything with clay pot, ornaments, lamps etc. So clay manifests in many forms. If you remove the clay from those object only again clay exists, nothing remains. Today Lets finish the final Discipline Eashwara Pranithan. A person needs to fly high means he needs to lose his weight to raise high. If you have too heavy or Carrying weight drag you downward due to inertia, Similarly If you have too weight in your mind, filled with too many cars, houses, jewels, Lust desire, All luxurious Sense pleasure objects we all too heavy to raise high, these desires will pull back towards earth. Empty the mind need to goal to surrender. Whenever a person need a relaxation through any medium. there he can groan and empty his mind, Here tats not an idea, it’s just an example. Need a support, Confessor, to clear the mind, there the seeker need a pillar to surrender. that pillar is here said as Eashwar. 

At last an interpretation for Eashwar. It’s like Service provider of Cellular phones. All living being is like Sim Card. All these sim cards were internally connected as well connected with cosmic connection. Pull the sim card from the old hand set and replace with new handset is the Afterlife. The sim card itself has its own Memory of all life, but hidden in CHITT. Even the sim was ruined there the sim can be put the same cell number in another new sim. Any way all this is a network and Eashwar is the service provider. Sim cards are human being. This is what the System of the Cosmos said in our Scriptures. 

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