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Eashwar in Yoga

Eashwar in Yoga
Before getting into the Final Discipline, we need to be clear about the Main heading. "EASHWARA". This Name is very familiar in all religions. As per the all religions in the world says. there is eashwara, who is responsible for  Srishti, Sthithi Laya ( Creation, Existence and Dissolve). He is the owner, Controller, Governor etc of the Entire Cosmos. Every Religion says fundamental of truth is Eashwara only.
We are not going deep into this. Age of Vedas there is a Eashwar, Definition for that was. Each and every particle has its own motion inside it (Even in atom, there is proton, neutron and electrons), That source of all source that entity is called Supreme Brahman (Hiranyagarbha), who pervades in smaller than the smallest particle to larger than the largest particle that is Eashwara, The Name of the Eashwara is known as Vasudeva. In the age of pauranic (Age of Puranas) there was lot of changes in all the manners. tats not our subject. Usually these rationalists use their own terminology, they says Eashwar is the entity which used by the people those who try to escape, slide from the problems. In various religious paths, there are many leaders of Spirituality take their own standpoints, Let’s take a look on it. Basic segment is Eashwar means Paramatma, Human Jeevathma, Last the World. We can through our senses we can interact with human and world which EXISTS. But we cannot recognise Paramatma through Human sense and sense organs. Some of the stand Points of spiritual Leaders in various Views.

Boutha Jaina Dharshanas - Eashwar - Did not Accept, Human - Accept, Jegat (World) - Accepts.
Adhvaitha Sidhantha - Eashwar - Accept, Human - Accept, Jegat (World) - Accepts. (Non Duality, Human and Eashwar is same)
Dwaitha, Visishtadhvaitha - Eashwar - Accept, Human - Accept, Jegat (World) - Accepts. (Duality, Human is Jeevathma differs from Paramatma) 
Chaarwak Dharshana - Eashwar - Did not Accept, Human - Accept, Jegat (World) - Accepts. (Just live your Life as it is) 
Similarly there are 16 - 17 varies stand point from various religions. Why we need to know these kinds of things now, What is need of this here in our subject. This is a big question. It requires later not now. But Now we need to Create an Eashwar for the purpose of goal setting. Here you are going to create your own. That you can understand later classes. 

Now what we need is we need an Entity For a goal fixing. Every one need Entity the name can be Eashwar, If a seeker need as above said entity means no problem, they can create their own Eashwara. Here in Sranayoga who is Eashwara?
THE MOST RESPECTFUL FRIENDLY LOVER IS EASHWARA (This is the Criteria you need to create your own). You can Create that entity by any means, that may be a stone or parents, forefathers, a flower etc. "Thadha Dhrushtu Soroope Avasthanam" 3rd Sutra of Mahatma Patanjali. Means the drushtu means your actual original Image you can see it yourself. For that A Swaroop Image is needed. From here we need to start know something about him and the last Discipline is "Eashwara Pranithan" Surrender the Karma & Fala (Duty & Result) to Eashwara. 

Yoga is the path of Disciplines. It requires only Human Body, and a Mind. Nothing is required, the mind body filled with Disciplines means nothing is required. Already i told you this is for mankind. If you are believer of God, You can take your favourite god as Eashwar. If you are an Atheist you can create your own Eashwar as anything. Believer non believer is not matter. Only the realization of transcending is important. Believe or Non Believe is were all away from these Discipline. Practice of these disciplines make virtue. If a person is non-believer but he must be virtue. If you are virtue, righteous you are a Yogi now itself. whether you are a religious, spiritual etc. This Yoga path is entirely different from all forms of Spiritual and religious things. But all the religions indirectly say this only. An atheist can became a yogi and get all realizations. Attains all the levels of yoga. He can take his Eashwar as his Non believe concept for the time of meditation. 

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